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Met P. Wesley, T. Ford, N. Buzolic, S. McQueen, T. Williams, L. Pipes, Daniel Gillies, Jessarae, Z. Roerig, and I.S. on four incredible days. + Somerhalder stole my heart.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you. So, today, i just woke up, and I have hit my 1,006th follower. I remember when my friend made me make a Tumblr, and I was like what the fuck is this shit? So I made a personal and my url was: heyytheresuperstarr, I posted maybe two things every other day, and didn’t even think about how great of a place this is. I was still a die-hard Jonas fan and in high school. Then six months ago, I became a personal/tvd blog: salvatoregleek. I had never dreamed of making another fansite, but TVD did that to me. Soon I started posting my edits and having relationships with some of the best people you’d ever meet. Then I became salvatoredarling, a full-on TVD blog. Now, I reside with the best URL my brain could ever think of: sexwithian. I love all of you, every single one of you so much. You guys made this Tumblr experience the best thing ever. It means so much to me to see notes, and new followers and people talking to me, because of me. I love you all, and if my followers want to talk to me, or need anything, please talk to me. I will always be here, I don’t even turn off anon. I love you all, and this is a post to thank every single of one of you for making this my second home.

i love you all,<3 - lexi.

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    How the fuck did I not see this? Nitsi you are so amazing and you deserve every single one of those followers and more!...
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    I’m going to go sit in a corner and try not to sob from happiness over this. Thank you so, so much, Lexi ;___; You are...
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    Why am I even crying? I know why…BECAUSE ITS YOUUU. Ugh. Words cannot even describe. I just love you. You deserve all...
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    GAH LET ME LOVE YOU FOREVER. that is so sweet of you to say that. thank you so much. Gosh, that is so sweet. I love you...
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    Lexi, you deserve every one of those people, plus more. You are an inspiration to us all, not only in you design skills...
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETY!! AND CONGRATS FOR REACHING YOUR GOAL!! btw what you said above is totally amazing!! YOU ARE SO...
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    LEXI. Muah! Kisses! Thank you, honey. So much! I adore you. We need to talk again soon, miss thang. K cool? Alrighty ;)
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    Okay, so Lexi is one of the coolest, most amazing person ever. GO FORTH AND GIVE HER MORE FOLLOWERS. Lexi, dear, I love...
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